When we set out to build Ample and a solution to address transportation greenhouse emissions, we knew that anything shy of a solution that allows for 1 billion+ EVs on the road won’t yield the appropriate impact. And we knew that this would be much bigger than us and would require strong and committed innovative partners who share our vision to electrify the world’s transportation.

Thus far, we’ve had an incredibly productive year.  In January, Uber invited us to participate in their Global Electrification Strategy as a key partner based on the strong alignment of our missions to build a greener future by changing the way we drive. Our partnership with Uber over the past year has been a tremendous success. We’re proud to have helped so many Uber drivers in California transition to EVs by increasing access to Ample’s battery-swapping technology.

Recently, we extended our partnership with Uber, which will bring Ample’s battery swapping technology to EV drivers across Europe. Uber in Europe is targeting to fully electrify cars on it’s platform by 2030. In addition, Uber aims to reach an average of 50% EV Kms in 7 European capitals, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon by 2025. Our collaboration will provide drivers in Uber’s European fleet with access to our autonomous battery swapping stations that create economic opportunities for their drivers and environmental benefits for their communities. 

Our work with Uber here in the US and in Europe along with our Sally partnership where we will be strategically expanding our presence in major US cities including, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and our collaboration with ENEOS, where we’ll be bringing Ample’s battery swapping technology to Japan is just the beginning to get many more EVs on the road world wide.

And today, we’re excited to announce a $50 Million total investment from Blackstone, with additional participation from Banco Santander. Blackstone will also be joining our board of directors. Blackstone has a long history of investing in companies and assets driving the energy transition and we’re delighted to have their support. We’re excited to have ample capital to help us deliver on this year’s fantastic momentum.