Get more of your Electric Vehicles on the road.

Focus on creating an EV. We’ll take care of the infrastructure.


You never had to worry about building gas stations to sell cars. Selling EVs should be no different. Ample can turn infrastructure as an enabler to selling more EVs rather than the bottleneck it is today.

Compatible with any platform. No modification necessary.


Ample can easily work with any EV design. It can act as a drop-in replacement for the original battery design. We have already integrated into many existing platforms by working closely with automakers. The process of getting a new car on the Ample platform takes 2-3 months. Your EV can still support the original battery since the same vehicle design can support both offerings.

The most advanced battery, always.


Your drivers will always get the most advanced battery technology eliminating a significant barrier to adoption. We are committed to continuously advancing batteries and we will pass on that innovation to all our partners.

Seamless transition to second life usage and recycling of batteries.


Ample’s solution makes it simpler and cheaper to get the most life out of each battery. Extracting a battery for recycling is as easy as swapping it out.

Dynamic battery sizes to accommodate different usage patterns.


No need to make hard decisions about how many kWh to put in a vehicle. Ample can dynamically adapt to different customer usage needs. The varying battery size can be accomplished by swapping in a different number of battery modules as needed.

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