A new way to deliver energy to any electric vehicle.


Fastest to a
full charge.


Using modular battery swapping, Ample can deliver 100% charge to any EV in under 10 minutes. As battery density increases, Ample maintains the same delivery efficiency.

As cheap as gas.


An Ample station is 3-10 times cheaper than a fast-charging station. It’s cheaper to build and cheaper to install. So, Ample is able to deliver energy at a cost that is 10-20% cheaper than gas.

For any electric



At the core of Ample’s technology is our modular, swappable, battery architecture. Carmakers don’t need to redesign their cars to work with the Ample technology.

A ubiquitous

network in weeks.


Ample’s stations are lightweight; no construction is necessary. A whole city can be deployed in weeks. Ample can rapidly scale to meet new demand and rebalance charging infrastructure as needed.

Not just electric, renewable.


Ample captures wind and solar energy when available and then delivers it to vehicles when drivers need it. Ample separates recharging batteries from the process of transferring energy to vehicles — filling a key gap in the zero-carbon energy system of the future.

Keeps getting



Your battery will improve over time. That’s because any car on the Ample platform will benefit from the latest improvements in battery technology.