When we set out to build our next-generation battery-swapping station, one of our most important objectives was to build a station that can support larger delivery vehicles. Accounting for 25-30% of emissions in towns and cities globally, last-mile delivery is a key sector to prioritize in an electrification solution.

Hence, we worked closely with Mitsubishi Fuso, an integral part of Daimler Truck, to inform our design and spearhead building a solution that can be leveraged by last-mile-delivery fleets who’re transitioning to EVs.  Today, we’re incredibly excited to officially announce our work with Mitsubishi Fuso and our partnership to deliver modular battery swapping to electric trucks. Our partnership will deliver Mitsubishi Fuso electric trucks powered by Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping technology. The initial deployment will leverage Mitsubishi Fuso’s latest all-electric FUSO eCanter starting this winter in Japan.  We’ll announce shortly the companies we’re working with who’ll be utilizing the eCanter to electrify their fleets.

Initially, the eCanter will satisfy urban driving profiles by providing a range from 62-200 miles with an eye towards increasing that range to serve other driving profiles. With our next-generation swapping stations, Ample will offer last-mile delivery trucks a gas-station-like experience where electric trucks can get a full charge in 5 minutes ensuring maximum on-the-road utilization of the vehicle. In addition, Ample’s drive-through experience will further simplify the experience for the operator of the vehicle who doesn’t need to back out of the station at the end of a swap. And while a truck is being swapped, it can be loaded and unloaded allowing for additional operational efficiencies. 

We’re delighted to partner with Mitsubishi Fuso who is pushing the industry towards sustainability including its ambitious goal to build a completely carbon-neutral product portfolio in Japan by 2039. We’re also thrilled to be working with such an innovative and strategic partner with whom we can accelerate electrifying the last-mile delivery sector.